Friday, February 15, 2013

Diving into

After using in my class as a teaching tool, I have started using it as a homework and assessment tool.  Students are given an assignment to study, then complete an exercise on the website.  The best feature of is that it keeps track of statistics during the exercises and a progress report allows for the kids to see exactly how well they did.  I ask the students to use the "verification code generator" so that they are able to turn in the code to my Google form.

This weeks homework assignment is explained to them on my Weebly site,  It explains to them what exercise they are expected to complete, shows pictures and step-by-step instruction on how to set it up, and how to get a verification code.  On a separate page is the Google form they must use to turn it in,  Besides turning in their code for me to check their progress report, I added a comment question where they can explain any problems they have related to the content of the assignment (no technology related problems)

So far, I have assigned 4 homework assignments and 1 take home test.  In analyzing their scores, they all get A's or B's.  This isn't the truest reflection of how well they know the material because the site has lessons teaching the material to them.  If they review it or use the lessons as they complete the assignment, they can still achieve high marks.  Knowing this, I assign playing tests in school that allows me to see if they have learned the information and can actually apply it as they perform (which is ultimate test of how well they did on their homework!)

In hearing feedback from students, they seem to like the assignments.  It allows them to succeed at the assignment while relearning the materials on the same site.

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  1. Hey Matt, I was really impressed when you presented this Web 2.0 tool in class, and it's really interesting to see your reflection of it's uses. This website really gives students a deeper understanding of music and music theory. You dive so much deeper with your students than I remember when I took band in elementary and middle school. It will help the students develop a love of music that is so evident in you.
    Like Natalie said it your other Music Theory post, I think that this is a great communication tool with parents. Since, often times, parents don't have a deep understanding of music themselves, this will help them support their children at home. It also gives the students accountability for their homework.